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Oh yeah, I mean, I know it's not how our parliamentary system works, but at the same time it be can't denied that the leader of the party is the face of the party and the majority of people who don't know how our system works? They cast their vote based on the face of the party, not on what their local member can do for them in their electorate (see: how my father votes).

So when I say "voted by the people" I mean "the people choosing to go with a party who has gone into an election lead by a woman and not, say, a party some right wing, chauvinistic fruitbat bigot who tries to claim his religious beliefs don't influence his politics, and oh, did he mention that all women should get back in the kitchen (that means you, Julia Gillard)".

The thing that saddens me is that there are people who will genuinely vote for a fruitbat over a woman, purely because she's a woman. That sucks.
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