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jennifergearing ([personal profile] jennifergearing) wrote2010-07-04 06:59 pm

I hate the world, today.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, quoted here:

"The suggestion John Howard should be labelled a racist, what a load of nonsense, he's most certainly someone who's not."

Thanks for the punch in the gut, Prime Minister.

As always, 'political correctness' is to be swept aside and rejected. Which means, y'know, that calling people racist for panicking about a fucking minute number of people because they've become the fucking go-to. Fucking 'BOAT PEOPLE' ARE YOU SERIOUS.

I think I've ranted in the past about why political leaders rejecting political correctness is fucking ridiculous, but seriously. Political leaders are giving cover to the racist "concerns" about border protection and "non-integration" of (let's not mince words) brown/black/yellow migrants, and the discussion calling this OUT is political fucking correctness? SERIOUSLY THAT IS FUCKING BACKWARD.
I know I'm being all capslock and shouty, but I'm not even angry, y'all. Okay, so someone's going to call me all oversensitive and whatever but I read than this morning and I was practically fucking sobbing.

Because whilst I get that badmouthing a former PM is pretty bad form, so it's not like she was going to be all "yeah, he was a racist douchenozzle amirite?", she's a politician. One thing we're used to with politicians is that they're great and getting out of answering the question. And sometimes party line means they can't answer the question. It can be irritating, but I'm generally okay with it. She could've dodged the question (and the one about same sex marriage, since we're here). She didn't.

And in that one line; I feel like a rug's been pulled out from under me.

I still feel the same way about the way she moved into the top job; I'll still get fucking shouty at anyone who refers to it as a coup or whines about how they didn't vote for her.

But I don't feel the same about her. The very cautious optimism I had has been dashed.

I'm not surprised; not really. But I'm disappointed, so very much. Despair is near, today.
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In 1988 John Howard specified that Asians should be excluded from normal migration procedures. Now that's racism.