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jennifergearing ([personal profile] jennifergearing) wrote2010-07-05 06:29 pm

In Further Troubling Thoughts ...

Julia Gillard is from the actual socialist left faction of the ALP.

The lack of support for marriage equality, the hardline stance on asylum seekers, and the dogwhilsting about political correctness. This is coming from the Left faction of the ALP.

This thought today had me utterly fucking terrified. Because this is how we get dragged further to the Right. This is how Tony Fucking Abbott starts to look like the fucking Centre.

I am troubled, and despairing, and there's a weight in my chest that won't go away.
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[personal profile] radicalyffe 2010-07-05 09:31 am (UTC)(link)
I have to say I am a bit surprised. I mean, I didn't expect Gillard to be the messiah or anything, but I did expect a bit of a shift to the left, not just more of the freaking same.



Hope you are ok.