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So, I had surgery yesterday - an ulnar nerve release at the elbow; because basically the nerve had become trapped in some tissue at the left elbow and was limiting feeling in my ring and little finger, as well as significantly compromising my left-haded grip strength.

One of the upsides to my job is knowing who the decent surgeons are, so I was able to see him and ended up having surgery yesterday afternoon. Short version is that everything seems to have gone well; I have some time off work and a review in abt 10 days to get the stitches out. However, there was some fun along the way!

1. Being wheeled to theatre on a hospital bed is WEIRD, y'all. Seriously, it feels quite bizarre.

2. The anaesthetic nurse was lovely, though weirdly was able to tell my glasses prescription by how close I had to hold my file to my face to confirm my signature on the consent form. I was impressed but a alittle freaked out at the same time.

3. Abovementioned anaesthetic nurse doing her "distract patient whilst anaesthetist finds a vein" thing, which led to me being able to rec Gaurdian of the Dead by  Karen Healey (which is awesome by the way, in case I have somehow forgotten to rec it you you lot) to her, and she wrote it down and everything :D

4. I forgot to take my veins to hospital with me; the anaesthetist poked at my hand and wrist a few times, then ended up having to find a vein in my foot. Silly veins.

5. My left arm and hand are BRIGHT PINK. It's from some kind of anti-bad things chemical they used, and it will wash off eventually, but it's weird, particularly since I have to keep the bandage dry until my review.

6. Hospital food is still terrible. Seriously, how can something be so un-tasty when you've had one small snack in the space of about 20 hours? D:

Anyway, then Stephen rescued me and I am home now.

Hope y'all had a more fun Friday!

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I'm glad that you are ok!

Hope that you recover swiftly!


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