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My anxiety issues are pretty mild, unlike my father and my son who both have diagnosed anxiety disorders, and they don't usually interfere with things I want to do, but I do have one coping mechanism to share. I doubt it's something anyone else is likely to adopt though!
For as long as I can remember my coping mechanism for anxiety has been playing with bits of fluff. When I was little I would pick fluff off my teddy bear or off the blankets on my bed. Woollen jumpers would sometimes end up with holes in them where I'd absentmindedly picked at them. My teddy bear ended up bald, I had intended to keep him but he got thrown out accidentally when my parents were helping me move out of home.

When I realised that, in the absence of stuffed toys to denude, I was going to ruin the woollen blankets on our bed if I didn't do something about it I started buying bags of craft toy stuffing fluff. Part of getting dressed in the mornings includes grabbing a pinch of fluff and sticking it in my pocket. If I forget, or worse if I'm not wearing pockets I'm very uncomfortable. (I'm even getting tense thinking about not having fluff to hand!)

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