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littlebutfierce: (diane duane fear for courage)
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Here via network.

I too used to self-injure frequently, & yes, I still occasionally do the thing where I dig my nails (they're short, but it still works) into my palm or my wrist or something when I'm stressed.

I think your point about social media is a good one. I don't do Twitter, but sometimes just refreshing my reading page on DW can help (er, if people are posting, that is: w/time zones there are just dead patches, often when I most need them not to be). It reminds me that there are lots of people out there doing things, having their lives going on, & it helps me get out of my own head a bit.

I've been doing 750 Words daily for months now. It started as a way to give myself permission to write fanfic but sometimes I use it for its original purpose: just a stream-of-consciousness brain dump. When I do that, sometimes it is pretty cathartic to vent & helps talk myself down a bit. This helps especially when I am feeling too self-conscious about feeling bad to post about it anywhere.

Naps sometimes also help, & snuggling w/my cats. Sometimes I just have to tell myself to wait until the next morning & hope things will feel better then. Sometimes they do--just b/c I've had a little time & distance from whatever was triggering my particularly bad state of mine. It doesn't always work, & it's not a long-term solution but more of a way to keep putting one foot in front of the other. But it does remind me that things change, that the way I feel at one moment can possibly change.

Exercise does seem to help to some degree, but when I'm in a particularly bad space, of course that is when I am least likely to get myself to do it.

Many/all of these won't be suitable for everyone, of course--such is the nature of coping mechanisms!

(Er, sorry for tl;dr comment.)
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