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jennifergearing ([personal profile] jennifergearing) wrote2011-05-14 10:04 am


Why hello there, internoodles! I am in fact alive, I just seem to be much less capable of things that aren't twitter and facebook these days. But it's a lovely autumn day, even if it is cold, so y'all can have an update.

Being back in Brisbane is awesomesauce, and really puts into perspective just how miserable I was in Canberra. Between the cold and the lack of real social interaction outside of work, it got a bit fucked up for a while there. I'm still pretty crazypants, but having the support network I have here and being somewhere I don't have to deal with subzero temperatures helps significantly.

In more recent things, this idea seems to have burrowed into my brain, and whilst I think it could be a good idea a chunk of my brain is going "WTF?" at me about it. I blame Stephen's mother, because she made a passing comment whilst she was a bit tipsy the other night, and then I couldn't stop thinking about it, and now I've spent the last few days looking up entry requirements for medical school and what prep I might need to take the GAMSAT (AU equivalent of the MCAT, for US folks, as far as I can tell). I could totally be a doctor, right?