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Birthdate:Apr 29
Location:Brisbane, Australia
Queer, fat, feminist, currently-able-bodied, mentally ill cis woman of colour. Not going to take shit, or whiny privilege-cakes.

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abstract thought, academia, activism, alias, ani difranco, animation, anti-imperialism, applied ethics, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, body image, books, brisbane, case management, cats, change, chuck, comedy, comics, computers, cooking, critical race theory, critical theory, critical whiteness studies, cultural theory, dance, deadwood, dexter, doctor who, doug anthony allstars, drawing, education, embodiment, empathy, equality, ethics, eureka, existentialism, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, fat acceptance, feminism, feminist science fiction, fiction, film, flying spaghetti monster, free education, gender, gender theory, genderbending, george, global justice, goth clubs, graphic novels, grass-roots activism, herbs, history, house md, human identity, icons, identity, identity construction, independent film, internet, intersectionality, kittens, knitting, law & order, liberalism, literature, live, majick, marion zimmer bradley, meta, modernism, monkeys, movies, multiculturalism, music, musicals, mythology, neil gaiman, nihilism, non-fiction, numb3rs, nutbaria, online comics, otherness, p!nk, paganism, painting, pansexuality, phenomenology, philosophy, pluralism, political theory, politics, polyamory, postcolonial theory, postmodernism, psychology, queer, race relations, radical women of color, radicalism, reading, research, robots in disguise, satire, sci fi, sci-fi, science fiction, scotland, scottish accents, sexuality, six feet under, social equality, social interaction, social justice, social research, social sciences, sociology, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, studio 60, supernatural, tarot, tattoos, television, terminator: the sarah connor chronicles, the 4400, the grates, the west wing, the wire, theatre, theology, tigger, tori amos, ursula k. leguin, workers compensation, writing
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